Though I know you've gone far away from me
And all our dreams have faded out and though your love has gone
With the wind that blew through I will see this love through

And I will try try to keep you in my sights
I will try try to hold you close
I will try try to sound all the alarms
And I will try try to keep you in my arms
And I will try yeah I will try oh

When that wind goes blowing through
When my heart breaks I will know what to do
I will try to be in love without you
I will try and try try and try


When you have given up faith
And I have lost all my hope
When our love seems like a ghost
That haunts us to close
I will try and try try and try 
Yes I will try and try

Glass Slipper
Well the man went out for a walk
Grabbed the leash and he took his dog
Well the dog came back by himself
Now you know to always tell
Well the girl went down for a swirl
It was the last time she ever took a whirl 
Now you know that this is the last time

Well the heart broke when the bird choked
And the tree split with the lightning bolt
And I'm gonna say that it's the same
As the gun in the drawer of the nun

Well the knife in your back it cannot turn around
Once it's stabbed it's the lab that you can't test now
And if you've got a question you know I've got the answer
But now I'm hanging in the closet
When Life Gives You Lemons
When the world sets fire you come and put it out
When the sea overflows you don’t run you stick around
And the music it plays to overpower the world and its disasters
And the light in the sky it blares in your eyes
To remind you that you’re still alive

And I’m going down but not without a fight
And if this is my last night
Call the ghost to roam
Call the man I’m home I am home

Well the garden it will need trimmin'
But watch out for those pesky thorns
Well the blood don’t stop 'till you're under pressure
So bleed like you want more
Well the shine in your eyes only grow when you cry
So lets try a brand new solution
To fix life and all its pollution 

Sinkin' Ship
There's a road down the block I know
That I can't seem to travel to
There's a light on in the hall that I cannot turn off
And if I could I know I wouldn't no
Yeah I may suffer the blows
But everybody knows that I don't give in
I don't waste my time I know just what I want
But when will I get there
But when will I get there

I'm running circles it seems
I'm treading on water I'm breathing in like a thief
Never knowing barely caring
I am stalked but I am all alone
I'm frozen in my boots but I'm burning like the sun
I'm always at the end but I've just begun
And I know it's gonna happen soon
I'll wake up and I'll find something new
But when will I get there
But when will I get there


Well you were never a burden to me
And your wings they flew all around and in between
I had it all when I had you
You'd never know what I would do
And I couldn't say when exactly I fell
But I knew your eyes had stories to tell me

Now with five years gone I'll never known a love this strong
And I know that we're young but when we're older
I'll lay in the grass with you
You paint me all the
color in the sky
And if it's a song it's your voice my sweet lullaby 
And I'll write down all the words you say
I'll keep them safe in our secret hideaway
And I couldn't wait for the day I'd walk to you
Look you in your eyes and say I do 'cause I do

Now with fifteen years gone I'll never known a love this strong
And I know that we're still young but now that we're older
I'm laying in the grass with you

Now with the children grown and gone
You still dance with me to our song
And if ever life decides it's time to leave
I'll keep my heart with you wherever we may be

Now with fifty years gone I've never known a love this strong
And I know that we're no longer young
But now and forever I'm laying in the grass with you
Believes In You
I have dreams that may never come true
But none of that mattered after I met you
I used to believe that love was blind
But then I saw the light shine through you
I used to be cold now with every word you say
My heart grows even warmer everyday

And I know you're scared and I am too
But if they say two negatives make a positive
There's nothing we can do 'cause this nonbeliever
Believes in you

If fate is a joke and destiny is a chain
That reacts to my decision from day to day
And if my mind should wander back to you
More then it should I'll start thinking
That this could be good


Tell me none of this is real and I will leave
But nothing in this world can convince me I don't love you
Tell me all the things you'll never need
And if one of them might be me
I'll stay and beg and lay my head
Where you rest
Know What You Want
All I know is that I'm lost
All I know is that I'm lost
And no matter where I go I'm lost yeah

All I know is that I'm wrong
All I know is that I'm wrong
And no matter where I go I'm wrong

When I lie I know it all
When I know it all I lie
'Cause the truth is what I hide
Yes I hide from the truth oh

All I want is grace
All I want is patience
All I want is my dreams
But I'm what's in between 
Of My Life
Well the sun is going down
Just another day I stuck it out
Why's the truth so hard to find
When the lies they come so easy
All my dreams from yesterday
Seemed so clear but now they fade
Where'd you go and what's goodbye
Life wasn't fair but it was alright when you were here

And though I can't run
And though I'll never turn my back
When the sun sets on my life
I'll find a way to say oh it's just begun
Yes I'm scared to death of my life

And so I go on this road less traveled by
It's so hard harder than the one with the travel guide
And I don't know if I'll never get right but I'm gonna try I'm gonna try so hard


And I don't know what tomorrow may bring
And I don't know the next song I will sing
No maybe the math don't always add up
But I'll bet all the numbers in my head
That I'm gonna make it yes I'll make it

Hey You
Hey you
It's okay to feel like your world is crashing down
Hey you
If it's too hard to smile, you know that you can frown
And I you know I'm always here
And you you know life well it ain't fair

But it's okay, to not be okay
Just walk around, walk around like you've got no shame
It's the only way, the only way to get through the pain
Just hold your head, hold it up like nothings changed
And you should know, yeah you should know I'm here every day 
Hey you

And what else am, I here for
If not to give, a little more
Yeah let it rain, you know I'll shine
No I I won't I won't
Let down a friend a friend of mine


Hey you x3
The Distance
Well I've been thinking about you
Hope you've been thinking about me
Cause the world seems like it's moving too fast
I know I'm a little crazy but I hope you see I'm worth it
Give me a shot and I can make this last

And I know there's a lot of runners in this race
And I know that I've been barley keeping up pace
And I know I can go the distance yeah
Yeah I know I can go the distance yeah
If you'd just let me try

And I don't know what's come over me
It's like a wave crashing in the sea
Well I can act like I don't care
But it's like your voice is the only song I hear 

And I know there's a lot fish in the sea
And I know a lot of them are prettier than me
And I know that I can go the distance yeah
Yes I know I can go the distance yeah
If you'd just let me try

Yeah try to imagine you and me
Give me a second to make you see
That I'm everything that you need
Well I am what you're looking for
You should know I can give you more
Then all the girls on your street

Cause I know I can go the distance yeah
Yes I know I can go the distance yeah
If you'd just let me try
Green Eyes
He's got green eyes
He never lies 
And he loves to talk late at night
And when I come home
I know that I won't be alone
He always sleeps by my side

But I don't think that I could ever need
Well anyone like I need you
And I'm not sure where you came from
Cause your love came out of the blue

And now I'm
Woo ew ew
Over You ew you yeah

Hey Ho Hey

Maybe it was luck
The penny may be rusted
But I've got heads on you
And there's no telling
If I'm buying what you're selling
But I'm pretty sure I do


Maybe it's finally time
To let you draw that line
Around my heart where all the pieces combine
Yes it's finally time to day

Let It G0
I live in books I've never read
Written in blood burdened with the dead
And sweat is all I taste
Salty bitterness running down my face

And I've cried more tears than anyone can ever know
I've lived more lives then will ever show
And oh I hoped for all the best
And God has never given me well anything less

And I have scars across my heart raised against my chest
And I believed in all these dreams that I'll never second guess
So if you see me let me know
Just who I am and to never let it go
Let it go
Let it go
Well I don't know where you've been but 
You're headed out west so I better jump in
I'm tired but I'm ready to roll
Well I'm not sure when you left
But I've been travelin' ever since
Cause I've got to get into your soul

Well dreams they die
And love is soon to follow
So I'll drive from now until tomorrow
Cause I'm a little tired and I'm a little sick
So I better get off of this road trip
If I'm walking then I better start
Cause I'm so done you know I'm so done
Hitchhikin' to your heart

Well loves a lot of work but it shouldn't be a risk
If you wanna dive in then you better act quick
Cause I've got a lot to do
You know we've got a lot to move
See I'm no saint but you're no sinner
We can fix the world over just one dinner
So tell me that I'm worth a try

When I Sleep
I've been dreaming a lot
Dreaming about you
It's the only place
That I'm not without you
I see your face 
In the brightest light
And for a moment I forget
That you left that night

And I miss you
And you wouldn't start to believe all the things that I would do
To bring you back back to me
And I'm sick of only seeing you when I sleep

I wanna turn back time
I'd bee with you again
Can we take back this time
Let this broken heart mend
Cause nothing I do oh
Can make this right
Just please come back to me tonight


How did I make it this far
Being so away from where you are x3


How did I make it this far
Being so away from where you are

If I Never Try (I'll Never Know)
Well I wanna go where the world ends
I wanna hang out with all my friends
Yes I wanna see the open sea
I wanna figured out who I'm trying to be be

Well I've been a lot of places
Met some faces that I've truly known
Yes I've been away and away I will surely go go

And I've got a concrete slab that I can always call home
I've got witnesses to account for how I've grown
And I am free enough to find some land to call my own
Yes someday I will have my own yeah

And maybe I will run away
Maybe I will finally fly to space
But if I never try I'll never know
Yeah if I don't test the waters I'm sure to never grow
Yeah if I never try I'll never know x3
Figured Out
You think you've got me figured out
You think you've got me down
Oh met me once you say I'm out of bonze 
But you don't know anything about me
Oh x4 no

You think you've got me figured out
But you don't no you don't no
You think you've got me figured out
But you don't no you don't

You take the words I say
Flip them the other way
Until I sound real mean
I say things for a laugh HA!
Not my fault I get the last
Oh let go of your sensitivity


I love more than you ever could Oh Oh Oh Oh
I believe in what should be
I never tare people down
Well I lend my smile everytime I see a frown oh oh

I don't hide behind a book
I avoid spreading lies
I wanna love not defy
So next time you see me you better read between the lines


One Day
One day I'm a child
Just wandering around
One day I'm a young soul
Nothing to worry about
Then days they come so
Fast I can't run away
So one day I'm now in
My teenage years

And all I wonder is where'd they go?
When did I forget the place that I call home?
And although the years went by
and I never believed they'd fly
I swear I'll change it one day  
One day one day

The years of the middle
They treated me so cruel
But I don't forget them
They make me whom I am today
I said man one day
I'm gonna be someone
Not someone you kick around


Well flash through those four years
They did it anyhow
I changed so much my head is spinning round
And all my phrase they've turned from empty pages
And now I'm everything I said I'd be

But I still wonder where did they go?
When did the moments bring me so far from home
And although the years went by
and I never believed they'd fly
Right now I'm focused on
One day one day one day
Wring You Out
I could kiss you forever and it'd never get old
You're like the end of the best story ever told
And I'd like to know where you go when the suns not out
Yes I need to know what this love thing is all about

Well hey night rider won't you ride on to my house
And tell me what you're running from yeah
Show me the trigger and I'll set it off
Yeah let me wring you out

Yeah tell me the cold is coming
And I will bundle up
Yeah tell me I'm crazy and I'll let you lock me up
Yeah tell me you're down and I'll be looking up up up and away away away

Let me wring you out
Ha ha ha ha
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